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Highly recommended by "Ortofon" The cartridge is becoming precious to the LP record fan. The phonograph record is charged with static electricity at a cumulative rate while it is played. The charged record continually absorbs dust in the air. As the frictional pressure between a groove and a stylus tip during playing a record is exceedingly high, the micro dust in a groove sticks to a stylus tip in compressed condition. Thus the micro-dust-contamination of the stylus tip is accelcrated through playing a record. Zerodust stylus tip cleaner made of newly developed ultra soft plastic is unprecedently high performance cleaner and easy to use. As the cleaning element of the stylus tip cleaner is softer than a baby skin and 15 times more elasticity, this mysterious material will never damage a delicate stylus. How to Use : Lightly press a stylus tip once or twice onto the cleaning element, and pull it up. The element accepts the tip very naturally and finely removes dust over the tip for noise and muddy free sound. Dust now stick to the cleaning element leaving no scum thanks to so designed ingredients of the element material. Its container case top works as a magnifier convenient for precise check of the tip condition before and after cleaning.

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